Our Story

Once upon a time a magnificent bridal wear tree stood at the top of Dundas Street. A girl called Rachel lovingly nurtured it, growing it from a tiny seed into a multi award winning tree.
Over the years the tree was filled with the finest couture bridal wear and the girl loved helping brides pick from its branches of soft slipper satins and corseted raw silks.
One Spring it began to bloom with highlights of bespoke accessories and flowing tulle veils. The girl watched as a single Swarovski crystal fell not too far from the tree, planting itself deep in the ground.
Over the Winter the seed grew roots of pearls and by the Spring of 2015 the first sprigs of the new bridal accessories tree began to show above ground.
Full of the finest lace, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls it bloomed with shoes, belts, veils, boleros, jewellery and bespoke hair accessories. And with the passing months, the summer sun brought colour and texture; blues, reds, golden yellows and dusky greens all enriched the tree with styles and inspiration for any special occasion.
Solid with the expertise and knowledge of Rachel Scott Couture and fresh with inspiration for a whole new tree chapter, the girl smiled - the Rachel Scott Accessories tree had been born!