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Italian Scallop Abstract
Italian Scallop Abstract

Italian Scallop Abstract


This item is handmade and made to order.

This two tiered veil has an abstract lace pattern throughout the base layer of the veil. There is no detailing on the cut edge blusher.

The veil is handcrafted with ivory tulle and is hand sewn to a 4.5inch comb. The edge of the comb is hand wrapped in ivory ribbon. The comb is slightly curved to sit flat against the hair, following the natural curve of your head. 

This veil is made with a 30 inch blusher. The blusher can be pulled to the back to create a pretty two-tier, more voluminous look, if wearing the blusher over the face is not desired.

This veil does not come in a short or single tiered option.


We also offer a bespoke service allowing brides to create a unique veil that is the perfect finishing touch. Bespoke lengths also available.

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