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Two-tiered veils

Want a two tiered veil but not sure where to go from there?

Our double tiered veil has a 30 inch blusher (the shorter, second layer) with an extra wide hem to halo your wedding dress train. Traditionally, the blusher would be worn over your face before the bride walks down the aisle. Now a days, brides choose to this extra layer behind them instead for extra volume around the shoulders.


The veils come in four standard lengths (this doesn't include blusher length):

  • Short (33 inches)
  • Medium (51 inches) 
  • Long (90 inches)
  • Extra Long (110 inches)

Handy hint: When measuring veil length, start from the flat edge of the comb, all the way to the very end. Keep the line as central as possible as the longest part of the veil will be the centre. 

If you have any questions regarding measuring please do not hesitate to contact us
by calling 0131 556 1520 or email

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